Brand Collaborations

Can you feel the collaborative spirit in the air? We sure do, and we welcome this shift towards collaboration over competition. We believe that supporting the growth of others will not dampen your own. Brand collaborations have become a great way to support like-minded businesses and share the growth that comes along with these unique collaborations. Our online directory allows businesses in the event industry to market their unique offerings both clients and each other. Therefore, connecting becomes easier and more effective.

We’re not the only ones to notice the value of aligning complimentary businesses. This is becoming an increasingly popular practice among businesses in Austin. As a result, business like Outdoor Voices, Wanderlust Yoga, South Congress Hotel, Blenders and Bowls, and Weather Up are benefitting from embracing this trend! Event Vines listings offer a great opportunity for members to connect more deeply with the community, and each other. Find out more about venue memberships and vendor memberships today!

How to Start Cultivating Your Brand

  • Define what you like, what you don’t. Move forward with confidence!
  • Save everything that inspires you, then review and edit that content. Pinterest, Canva and Evernote are great (and free!) tools.
  • Keep a journal and write down any ideas that inspire you. Include screenshots and save photos that capture your brand’s style.
  • Use technology that helps you and your team stay organized and relevant – like Event Vines!
  • Collaborate with brands that vibe with you!

Building a brand might seem like a daunting task – but like most things, it’s not as difficult as you think. Event Vines will be leading a workshop series this summer dedicated to mindfully growing your business’ brand trajectory. Stay tuned by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter , Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter.

Community Engagement

When proposing a brand collaboration, make sure to have marketing materials that are attractive and represent your brand. Furthermore, the businesses that choose to cross-market with you are probably interested in reaching your audience, and need to feel a connection to your brand’s image.

Your Event Vines listing is essentially a digital media kit. It’s full of photos, client reviews, and a robust description of your unique business. Therefore, you can use it to engage with new clients, old clients, or ignite a brand collaboration. In addition, with our Marketing Packages, we refine your brand’s key messaging, connect you with other local businesses, and improve your online presence. It’s never been a better time to join our tribe!