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    April 18, 2019

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Weston Perry Carls specializes in production of visual storyboards for use in marketing and publications. He uses photography to illustrate the brand or individual’s desired narrative.

Weston graduated from The University of Texas with a journalism degree and a concentration in multimedia design. Since 2007, he has worked at a monthly fitness publication, Austin Fit Magazine (AFM) as the creative director. Weston utilizes his storytelling journalism expertise to connect with clients–bridging their story to produce impactful content. He’s produced over 160 issues and directed or photographed over 1,500 shoots for varying publications such as: Austin Fit Magazine, Nashville Fit Magazine, Austin Runner Magazine, and North County Kids Magazine. Outside of magazine work, Weston is an internationally-published photographer through Leah Cullis’ Power Yoga book (Fall 2018).

Weston works collaboratively with Public Relations agents to provide visual content to support their marketing strategy. The client is not required to have a PR agent and can request a consultation for creative direction for editorial, storyboard, and social media content creation.

Weston’s background in journalism and creative direction sparked his passion for story board content creation. He can work independently with business owners or collaboratively with their Public Relations agent.

Story Board Consultations Include:

  • An initial content strategy meeting to establish the desired brand story
  • Assessment of the brand or individual’s current visual marketing content to outline a timeline for integration with the new content
  • Overview of the budget, potential collaborations for brand enhancement, and the vision for the photoshoot(s)

* pricing is available upon request

[mpc_textblock content_width=”100″ margin_divider=”true” mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Content Consulting Includes:

  • Overview of the brand or individual’s vision for new content
    • Style, inspiration, strategy
  • Discussion of potential collaborations with local talent, artists, and stylists
  • Establishing the budget for single, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly photoshoots for content creation
    • Schedule dates for the photoshoots

*pricing is available upon request[/mpc_textblock]

Sessions are available on a single or recurring basis. Edited photos are returned to the client within 7 days of the photo shoot.

  • Story board content shoots
  • Social media and website content shoots
  • Team photoshoots
  • Pre-event photography

*Hourly, project or retainer rates are all available upon request

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