Before you make a big decision, such as deciding which hotel to book for your vacation or which caterer to use at your wedding, or even before you make a smaller decision, such as deciding where to go out to eat or where to take your dry cleaning, what is the first thing you typically do? Perhaps you consult someone you trust who has made a similar decision, or ask them provide suggestions or recommendations. Unfortunately, you might not always have people around to give you this type of information. In the age of the informed consumer, that is where online reviews come in.

More and more consumers are looking online for a glimpse of the service or product before they make their final decision, focusing especially on the reviews of other consumers.  Consumers are looking for reviews that are reliable, high-quality, and descriptive.

It’s no secret that positive online reviews can help increase revenue, so it’s definitely to a business’s advantage to secure as many consumer reviews as possible.  Reviews can help boost online credibility, optimize SEO, and can be a great way for businesses to get discovered online. A growing majority of consumers use online reviews to help them make decisions, and this trend is only increasing. As the quintessential platform for reviews related to Austin’s event industry, Event Vines is capitalizing on this consumer trend.

This month, Event Vines launched #ReviewRoundup, a social media campaign where event venues and vendors collaborate by leaving positive, informative reviews for one another that will ultimately lead to increased consumer awareness.

Why not spotlight your favorite event venues and vendors? If you really enjoyed an event and the venue or vendor was exceptional, share your positive experience with others through a review!

Leaving a review on Event Vines is easy and free!

How to Leave a Review on Event Vines:

1)    Login or sign-up

2)    Find the business that you want to write a review for, then click on their listing

3)    Click “Write a Review”.  Let others know what you loved about the event venue or vendor, press submit, and you’re done!



For Venue and Vendors: 

5 easy ways to round-up reviews for your Event Vines listing:

1)    Add a link to your Event Vines listing in your email signature.

2)    Post an image on social media and hashtag #ReviewRoundup.  Tag a group of clients and vendors you’ve worked with.

3)    Share the link to your Event Vines listing, prompting people to leave you reviews.

4)    Send out an email to happy venues, clients, and vendors to support you by posting a review about your business.  Click here for a sample of a listing that uses reviews.  

5)   Create a group email or Facebook group message asking event venues and vendors that you work with to exchange reviews. This will boost your reputation with them and Event Vines users!