In addition to the basic Terms + Conditions of the Event Vines website, the following additional terms and conditions apply to Unlisted, Free (whether you Claim your listing or Submit your listing), Lite and Professional memberships on Event Vines.

By claiming or submitting a listing to Event Vines, you acknowledge that you are either the owner, manager or legal representative of the owner of the Vendor or Venue.

Commission Structure by Membership Type:

Free Membership or Unlisted Businesses: 20 % Commission

Lite or Professional Membership: 10  % Commission

Leads that Event Vines members procure through their business listing, marketing campaigns and Requests for Quotes are complimentary and are included in your membership. Booking Support must be specifically requested by the User.

Booking Support. Event Vines allows users to Submit an Event for Booking Support in which case Event Vines will attempt to provide the User with a list of appropriate Vendors or Venues. Event Vines provides a  list of suggested Vendors and Venues based solely upon the opinion of Event Vines staff. It is up to the User if they wish to engage any suggested Vendor or Venue and Event Vines is not responsible for any of the communication or negotiation and is not a party to any contract or agreement ultimately entered between the User and the Vendor or Venue.

In exchange for being referred to a User by Event Vines where the User becomes a client of the Vendor or Venue, the Vendor or Venue agrees to pay a commission referral fee in the amount set forth based on Membership type to Event Vines within 30 days of event activation or execution of an agreement between the User and the Vendor or Venue. The Vendor or Venue agrees to pay the commission referral fee and authorizes Event Vines to collect payment in the form of: a rate discount, check, credit card charge (processing fee of 3%).

If at any time your payment method fails or is past due, Event Vines reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your Membership and charge an additional fee of $50 per day.

Event Vines will consider waiving the late fee if you contact with your reason for being past due.

In the case that you reject the terms of the commission agreement or refuse to honor your established commission rate, the rate will be added on top of your proposed rate at the expense of the User and might influence your odds of being the selected venue or vendor for the particular event. 

Event Vines provides Booking Support as a COMPLIMENTARY service to high-end Users and no fees are added on top of your quoted price, unless you refuse to honor the terms of this agreement.

If you, a representative or affiliate of your business attempts to go around Event Vines to make the procured User an offer that eliminates Event Vines from the sale, your listing and membership will be terminated and  your business will be placed on the “Do Not Do Business With” list.

We are happy to nurture this mutually beneficial – ongoing business relationships with you!

Event Vines will be a constant resource for quality leads and booking support.

Let’s grow together!