• A database of event venues and vendors: The website features a free, searchable directory of all of Austin’s venues and vendors. Results can be narrowed down by location, category and amenities. Each event business has their own listing, which serves as a landing page for visiting users to leave reviews, bookmark their favorites and submit proposal request forms. At no cost, venues and vendors can submit their listing, or claim an existing listing that they own, so that leads can begin being sent directly to their email inbox. For an additional cost, they can upgrade their listing subscription to become a LITE or PRO member to receive enhanced business listings and Event Vines services.
  • United as an online tribe of distinguished event professionals, evolving with event modernization: In the age of technology, research for events starts online and it’s more important than ever to establish a strong business image utilizing the internet. While the event industry is strongly relationship-based, we recognize that technology can assist us in finding the best matches for clients who recognize the unique offerings of each venue and vendor. Event Vines hosts a collection of professional landing pages for businesses in the event industry to display their ongoing work, recruit positive reviews and showcase their style and expertise. This community is banding together to support the growth of the industry – recognizing the importance of Event Vines as a decision-making tool for planners in a world full of options.
  • A reliable source for referrals and target marketing: Event Vines is focusing our target marketing efforts to the event industry through our directory, custom email marketing campaigns, social media engagement, search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, brand awareness and local networking. Event planners and hosts can easily submit their upcoming event details (using this form) for help with locating the best venues and vendors. Leads are continuously rolling in and our brand’s reach continues to grow, which is yielding positive results for Event Vines’ members. 
  • Locally owned and operated in Austin, Texas: The Event Vines team is active in Austin’s event industry and social scene. We meet with our members face-to-face and check in with them regularly. Referrals and brand awareness are established online and offline through word-of-mouth. Event Vines founder, Callie Ogden, lives in Austin and personally manages the team, the vision and business development.
  • Committed to growth and connection: Event Vines was built to enhance the event industry by connecting everyone within it. Austin, Texas is an epicenter of events in the United States, for locals and non-locals. We are dedicated to improving our website’s function, our services and our value to the event industry. *Once our foundation is strong here in Austin, we plan on expanding through the south and then the world. With the rapid speed of globalization, the demand for destination and local events continues to grow. Event Vines is supporting that growth and enabling the event industry to connect online. 

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