In addition to the basic Terms + Conditions of the Event Vines website, the following additional terms and conditions apply to venues and vendors who accept sales leads directly from Event Vines.

By accepting a lead brought to you directly from Event Vines, you acknowledge that you are either the owner or legal representative of the owner of the Vendor or Venue business. You further take all responsibility for the accuracy and honesty of all content regarding your listing, and sales contract.

Event Vines is not responsible for the content of any Claimed or Submitted list or any mistakes or inaccuracies in any claimed or submitted listing.If you sign up as a Lite or Professional Member of Event Vines, you are required to provide a valid credit card or other acceptable form of payment and authorize Event Vines to charge your monthly membership and any other fees incurred through Event Vines to your payment method on file. It is your responsibility to make sure that all payment information on file remains current at all times. Owners of Basic, or Free Listings may claim and manage their categories and amenities at no charge, and are only required to pay Event Vines in the occurrence of a closed event sale from Submit Your Event Booking Referral Service.

Submit Your Event Booking Referral Service. Event Vines allows users to Submit an Event in which case Event Vines will attempt to provide the User with a list of appropriate Vendors or Venues. Event Vines does not guarantee the service of any particular Vendor or Venue. Event Vines simply provides a list of suggested Vendors and Venues based upon the opinion of Event Vines staff. It is up to the User if they wish to engage any suggested Vendor or Venue. In exchange for being referred to a Sale by Event Vines where the User becomes a client of the Vendor or Venue, the Vendor or Venue agrees to pay a commission referral fee in the amount set forth based on Sale type to Event Vines within 30 days of event activation or execution of an agreement between the User and the Vendor or Venue. 

Professional Members are allowed to list Products for sale which can include such things as deposits for an event, promotional materials, or other merchandise can be sold. You agree to pay Event Vines the amount set forth based on Sale type upon all sales made through the Event Vines website and Submit Your Event booking referral service. Event Vines may, in its sole discretion, remove or refuse to list certain items for sale through Event Vines. Event Vines is not responsible for the quality or suitability of any product sold by a Vendor or Venue and provides no warranty of any type for such products. Event Vines is solely acting as a payment intermediary.

Co-Branded Events. If you are interested in a co-branded event with Event Vines, please contact us directly for further information and fees (normally a percentage of revenue) for such opportunities. Please contact [email protected], by phone at (512) 549-9592 or by mail to:

Event Vines

PO Box 42344

Austin, TX 78704

If at any time your payment method fails or your account is past due, Event Vines reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your  Services and charge any additional fees allowed by law related to the declined payment. Failure to pay any referral commission or other fees incurred by You could relate in collection activity including legal action and you agree you are responsible for the payment of any and all collection or legal fees of Event Vines to collect any amount owed.  Any suspension or termination will result in the cancellation of any promotional programs applicable to your Premium Services. Any dispute of any charge to your account must be submitted to Event Vines within sixty (60) days of such charge, or the dispute is waived and the charge will be final.


Submit Your Event Booking Referral Service |  Commission Based on Sale Type


Sale Type Commission Due
One time event   12 percent (12%)
Recurring event (upon second occurance)   10 percent (10%)
Co-branded event   Custom rate