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I claimed my listing/submitted my business listing. How long does it take for Event Vines to approve my claim/submission?

Event Vines is excited to welcome you to the tribe! We will approve your listing within 72 hours of submission.

None of the Listing Categories fit my business. What do I do?

If you feel as though none of the Listing Categories fit your business, please contact Event Vines and let us know what Category you’d like us to add and why.


How do I edit my listing?

To edit your listing you must first be logged in to Event Vines. Once you are logged in, click on Edit Listings from your “My Account” page. There you will see an option to Edit your Listing.

How do I upload photos?

To upload photos to your Listing you must be logged in to Event Vines and on your “My Account” page. You will then edit your Listing. Once inside your Listing editor, you should see an area to upload photos. If you do not see an area to upload photos it means you have a Free Account with Event Vines. Free Accounts are not able to upload photos at this time and you would need to upgrade your account in order to upload photos and enhance your Listing.

What are the best dimensions for my cover photo?

The best dimensions for your cover photo are 2000px wide by 460px tall. There is a dark filter applied to all cover photos so uploading a lighter version of the photo you want to upload may provide better results for you.

Can I choose more than one Listing Category or Listing Amenity?

Yes, you can choose any many Categories or Amenities that pertain to your business. First you must be logged in to Event Vines. Then click on your “My Account” page to find the “Edit Listings” button. Click on “Edit Listings” and choose to edit your Listing. Once inside your Listing editor, you can choose/edit Categories and Amenities for your Listing. To choose multiple Categories or Amenities, choose one in the search box. It will then select what you’ve chosen and allow you to choose another. You will see the Categories and Amenities begin to gather above the search box, meaning that those are now connected to your Listing.

What is the best information to write in the Description for my listing?

Event Vines is a platform that makes your business easy to find for potential clients. Increase your online presence even more by prioritizing the popular keywords that might be search by your target audience.

Excluding amenities you’ve already selected, list all of the services you offer and include details. Try to use both singular and plural versions of specific words and phrases.

Example: A florist might use: ‘flowers’, ‘succulents’, ‘fresh-cut flower crowns’, ‘bouquet’, ‘bouquets’, ‘floral arrangements’, ‘delivery’, etc…

How do I edit my Avatar icon?

To edit your Avatar icon you must first be logged in to Event Vines. Then you can go to your “My Account” page and scroll down to the bottom. Here you will see an area where you can upload an image. Avatar images look best when they square. The ideal dimensions for an Avatar are 100px by 100px.


How do I add tabs within my description area on my Listing?

You’ll need to copy and paste the code below into your Description area. Then only edit the words “Tab Title One” and “Tab Title Two” and “Replace this text here…”. Leave the rest of the coding alone.