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    May 4, 2016

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Based in Austin, Texas, Green Fern Events (GFE) is a Full Service Event Management Company. GFE delivers flawless, full-scale green conferences and events for national associations, enterprise-level corporations and specialized green businesses. GFE is a leading producer of zero waste events.

Hosting well-implemented green events will distinguish your company as culturally relevant and trustworthy. For organizations with an environmental focus, successful green events are even more critical to the company mission and the brand image.

We proudly help our clients deliver and go beyond their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by developing sustainable event management plans, producing sustainable events, and providing comprehensive reports of waste diversion and positive environmental impacts.

With unmatched enthusiasm, GFE works to ensure that every event is perfectly planned.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can host an incredible event that supports the growth of global environmental sustainability and brings people together for a purpose.

Save the date. Save money. Save the environment.


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